Logistics Type scanners enable you to track your consignment, cargo, and other physical anywhere in the field. Use QR codes for each Shipment.

  • Send custom confirmation to the receiver via the app.
  • Send custom Information or details to the receiver via the app.
  • Collect acknowledgment or info from the receiver.


Print the custom created and put it on the consignment you are tracking and then whenever a user scan it, you will know where it is located at that date/time using the Scan-N-Track App

  1. Print the custom QR code created and put it on the consignment you are tracking
  2. Or create a SNTUID - for consignments, the invoice number would be a good unique id starting with your business code (for example ABC123456)
  3. When a user scans it or enters the SNTUID using the Scan-N-Track App, you will know where the consignment is located at that date/time

** SNTUID is Scan-N-Track Unique ID


  • No Hardware needed,
  • Subscription Based - cost-effective
  • All QR codes will remain active till your account is active
  • Track results on the Map via Scan-N-Track Dashboard/Portal
  • Free Mobile App for users
  • Unlimited scanning from users
  • Connect data to your system Via API (Optional)
  • Texting option available (requires connecting to your texting account)
  • Geolocation and Geofencing.
  • Can handle multiple locations
  • Highly Customizable

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