Custom Tracking

Build Your Own Tracking System, for any thing you want to track


Scan-N-Track’s fully customizable tracking system can monitor your personnel, customers, attendees, or valuable assets to reduce theft, loss, and inefficiencies.

Increase real-time tracking, accountability and data collection. Get immediate updates by text message or email. Gain valuable insights on movement patterns and other analytics from our robust reporting feature. Download data via Excel or API.

Quickly build a scanning and tracking system for any purpose:

  • Conferences
  • Vehicles
  • Employees
  • Patients
  • Nurses
  • Children
  • Pallets
  • Medical samples
  • IT equipment
  • And many other uses


  • Customize quickly and easily
  • Choose optional texting
  • Reap benefits with geolocation and geofencing
  • Run robust reports and export via Excel
  • Track equipment on the map
  • Track results with the Dashboard/Portal
  • Download data to your system via API
  • Scan without limits
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Reasonable Subscription rates
  • No Hardware, RFID or Chip needed
  • Download the free mobile app


The Scan-N-Track system can be fully customized to meet your particular needs. Instructions for use will vary by each system’s purpose. Our customer service team will gladly lead you through the setup and tracking processes.