Track Where your equipment is at any given time, without hardware. Also make service calls on the equipment easy and quick


Equipment Type scanners enable you to track your equipment anywhere in the field. Use QR codes for each equipment or create a SNTUID (Scan-N-Ttrack Unique ID). You can also view all your equipment's last scanned location on a map.


  1. Print the custom QR code created and put it on the equipment you are tracking
  2. Or create SNTUID - for equipments, the licence plate would be a good unique id starting with the state (for example CA7ABC123)
  3. When a user scans it or enters the SNTUIDusing the Scan-N-Track App, you will know where the equipment is located at that date / time 

** SNTUID is Scan-N-Ttrack Unique ID



  • Tag codes to what you want to track
  • No Hardware needed,
  • Track Lease ending, Service contracts and other administrartive details
  • Subscription Based - cost-effective
  • All QR codes will remain active till your account is active
  • Track results on the Map
  • Free Mobile App for users
  • Unlimited scanning from users
  • Track the results from the Scan-N-Track Dashboard/Portal
  • Connect data to your system Via API (Optional)
  • Texting option available (requires connecting to your texting account)
  • Geolocation and Geofencing.
  • Can handle multiple locations
  • Excellent for Equipment in the field
  • Highly Customizable
  • Robust Reports including exception reports that can be exported via excel


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