Manage Check-in / Check-out (Time and attendance) for on-site employees and track your field team employees effectively


Workforce type scanners enable you to track the check-in and check-out of all the members of your team. Use QR codes for on-site time and attendance. For tracking team in the field, you can use the text codes which you can customize it under “Your Tracking Code” section

The app can handle multiple locations, multiple accounts, and multiple employees. It also works for employees transiting between multiple locations.


Setup Steps:

Employer creates a Scanner code (QR code) for CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT from the Scan-N-Track application.

Then these scanning codes are printed and placed in a convenient place where the user can scan them.

Each user downloads the free Scan-N-Track app from the Apple store or Google App Store on their cell phone.

The employer sets the employee up in the system with their cell phone number.


When employees come in, they scan the check-in scanner, when they leave, they scan the Check-out scanner.


The Scan-N-Track provides the employee data that can either be exported periodically via excel Or directly to employee’s database/server via AP


All QR codes will remain active till your account is active

Track results on the Map

Free Mobile App for users

Unlimited scanning from users

Track the results from the Scan-N-Track Dashboard/Portal

Connect data to your system Via API (Optional)

Texting option available (requires connecting to your texting account)

Pricing Options