Service Requests

Making any service call Quick, Simple, Manageable and cost-effective. Suitable for property management, equipment repairs, maintenance calls and more.


Scan-N-Track is an excellent mobile app, which can quickly be deployed for Service requests for..

Any Rental Property of whatever size.

Any Equipment repair business, like Computers, servers, mobile devices and so on.

Any Maintenance business

A very easy and highly customize app allows you to create a robust tracking and communication system  


As a Property Manager you will create a Scanner code (QR code) for Service Request from the Scan-N-Track application.

The Scanner Code also allows you to set a SNTUID(Scan-n-track Unique id) for example ABCD-Service (this is just and example, we can set a convenient one for you)

This SNTUID code will be sent by you to all your tenants for them to use.

The SNTUID code will be customized to enable the tenant to enter some information that you may need. Like

Apartment # Or Office$ Or Suite#

Work Details

Permission to access apartment.

**Note, this can be customized by you at any time.

You will set up each tenant in the system with their cellphone number (needed) and email id (optional). Since there are many tenants, you can upload their data via excel sheet.

Each tenant downloads the free Scan-N-Track app from Apple store or Google App Store on their cell phone.

When tenants need any service, they will enter the SNTUID you created and enter the info you need to collect from them into the Scan-N-Track mobile app.

The data thus generated will be sent instantly by email to the email account where you want to sent.

The App collects the data that you have asked for, Plus the Phone number of the person who has entered the code.

** SNTUID is Scan-N-Ttrack Unique ID. for example "CA9999"


  • Subscription Based - cost-effective
  • All QR codes will remain active till your account is active
  • Track results on the Map via Scan-N-Track Dashboard/Portal
  • Free Mobile App for users
  • Unlimited scanning from users
  • Connect data to your system Via API (Optional)
  • Texting option available (requires connecting to your texting account)
  • Geolocation and Geofencing.
  • Can handle multiple locations
  • Highly Customizable

Pricing Options